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Procurement Consulting

Gibson Procurement Consulting services aid our clients in improving their processes for acquiring the raw materials used in producing their goods. Through a thorough review of the process and analysis of the relevant data, we provide a plan for our clients to achieve their goals and help them execute the plan.

There are many objectives when enlisting a procurement consultant:

  • Reduce cost
  • Improve the quality of materials
  • Make logistics more efficient
  • Improve the supplier relationship
  • Diversification of suppliers
  • Update or implement technology

Based on the goals of an organization, improved procurement processes may serve additional goals. While cost reduction is a common objective, fulfilling the broader business objectives often involves other targets.

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Improved Procurement Processes

The procurement process must evolve. From global economic changes to technological advances to human resources dynamics, opportunities to improve a procurement program. Failing to leverage these available advancements will make a company less competitive domestically and globally.

Gibson employs an 11-step phase-gate process to analyze our clients’ procurement programs and provide strategies and plans. Our process ensures we provide unique plans designed to achieve each client’s objectives.

Unwavering Client Commitment

Procurement Results

Don’t take our word…Hear from world-class executives who know from experience.

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Gibson focuses heavily on material costs for a major impact on our portfolio’s P&L statements.

Frank J. Feraco is Chairman and Founder of Isleworth Capital Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm, as well as the former president of Emerson Electric and Kohler. Find out why he chooses our procurement expertise to help achieve savings and keep his investors happy.

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When I want to make an impact in the first 90 days of a new role, I pick up the phone and call Gibson to reduce costs…

Jim Moyle has experienced two successful engagements with Gibson Consulting – initially as the Chief Procurement Officer for Contech Construction and years later as CPO of the Dover Corporation. Learn more about his remarkable results.

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Gibson added over $250 million in private equity value…resultants, not consultants.

A veteran CFO with experience in several prominent industries, Jim Patterson is now COF of PLS Financial Services in Chicago. Patterson has worked with Gibson for nearly 25 years, resulting in immense savings and lasting benefits for his employees.

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Procurement Consulting in Practice

For consulting services to have value, they must see success when implemented. We work closely with our clients to ensure they have the support, tools,  people, and training needed to reap every dollar of value.

As in this example, a $13B company with over 3,500 suppliers across a multi-sector portfolio, their industrial manufacturing sector knew there had to be savings and efficiency to gain. They turned to our procurement consultants to find the answers.

There were two outputs from the review. First, they saved a significant amount on their supply costs (about $133M.) Second, and perhaps more importantly for the long run, Gibson helped them restructure their procurement program and implement organizational transformation, allowing them to continue to improve their processes going forward.

Procurement Consulting Expertise

Procurement Consulting

We’ll identify inefficiencies and then go above and beyond to unlock the opportunity within your procurement processes — offering valuable insight, informed recommendations, and customized solutions.

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Best-Cost Country Sourcing

Backed by experience and expertise, our Best-Cost Country Sourcing leverages the global marketplace to drive bottom-line value and improve overall quality and efficiency.

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Global Strategic Sourcing

By pairing your knowledge with our experience, Gibson can help your organization transform its global procurement and sourcing strategies to boost efficiencies and increase earnings.

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Procurement Success Metrics

Gibson defines success as actual, sustainable financial results in our client’s procurement measured by the bottom-line impact in terms of COGS reduction (direct materials), SG&A (indirect materials), and/or margin improvement. Our procurement consulting clients measure the results themselves to eliminate any confusion on actual, realized results.

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