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Helping clients design, execute, and measure supply chain & procurement transformation.

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Complete Procurement Consulting Services

Gibson Consulting is all about helping our clients succeed in a variety of industries across a multitude of operational and revenue generating disciplines. In today’s world the term “Partner” is often used as a punchline or table stakes. Not in our world. At Gibson we don’t just talk about partnerships, we truly live them every day. The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal, but on a shared path of equality, desire and passion.

Supply Chain & Procurement

We’ll identify inefficiencies and then go above and beyond to unlock the opportunity within your supply chain and procurement processes — offering valuable insight, informed recommendations and customized solutions.

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Best-Cost Country Sourcing

Backed by experience and expertise, our Best-Cost Country Sourcing leverages the global marketplace to drive bottom-line value and improve overall quality and efficiency.

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Global Strategic Sourcing

By pairing your knowledge with our experience, Gibson can help your organization transform its global procurement and sourcing strategies to boost efficiencies and increase earnings.

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Sourcing IT Infrastructure

Get the most from the valuable information you already have with our strategies for evaluating data, leveraging its potential and using it for more effective reporting, business intelligence and strategy.

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Transportation & Logistics

When it comes to Transportation and Logistics, we help companies interview, negotiate, and select key carriers – and work with our clients to come to the best, data-driven solution.

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Manufacturing Efficiency

Driven by a set of key, unwavering principles, we work to add value to our clients’ Lean Manufacturing practices — helping to further decrease costs, production time and waste.

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Strategic Supply Chain Consulting

Gibson is a leader in supply chain consulting with a track record of successful engagements. We have helped our clients design and execute procurement strategies that have saved billions. From complete transformations to optimizing current supplier relationships, we develop self-sustaining programs our clients can implement for the long haul.

Supply Chain Review

Our supply chain review highlights areas that are working well for our clients and areas for improvement. From the beginning in gathering quantitative and qualitative data through to the presentation of options, our supply chain reviews provide clients with a thorough understanding of the current state and opportunities to improve their procurement.

11-Step Phase Gate Process

Working across clients and industries, Gibson Consulting developed an 11-step phase-gate process to uncover and leverage opportunities to make procurement more efficient and cost-effective. From initial assessments to strategic alliance management, our process has demonstrably saved billions for our clients.

Global Sourcing

The dynamics of the global economy present companies in any region with an opportunity to improve cost while maintaining or even improving quality. Distance is no longer an impediment, and global sourcing has become an integral part of successful procurement programs.

Best Cost Country

The world changes quickly. What may have been the most efficient global sourcing plan a few years ago may no longer be so today. Analyzing the best cost-country sources and developing a local presence to work with the regional suppliers ensures companies meet financial and quality objectives.

  • We specialize in highly engineered, highly technical products made all over the globe.

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