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We are explorers at heart,
driven by the undiscovered.

“Gibson is a family of people, doing work that they love, for clients they want to serve, with people they enjoy working with.”
Wes Gibson, Gibson Consulting Founder & Managing Partner

Every day at Gibson is a new experience. It’s a career that offers international travel, immersion in different cities and cultures, and unrivaled opportunity to learn on the job. We believe experience is the best teacher, which means even our new hires will find themselves working directly with clients, in the field.

Find Yourself Here

Our team members like to say that one year at Gibson is equivalent to five years at the typical corporate job. Working alongside our clients’ executives and our best people accelerates the learning process and provides first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed at the top.

“We’re looking for people with a little bit of humility, who are hungry to learn and are smarter than they think they are. People who want to serve, and who are willing to share their talents with the world.”

Wes Gibson, Gibson Consulting Founder & Managing Partner

We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial environment, with no bias to age or seniority.  This open-source mentality keeps our team engaged, because everyone knows their contributions matter. This is the accountability that comes with opportunity. We believe this is the edge that propels so many of our people into leadership roles at the world’s best companies.  Sometimes they stay, sometimes our alumni come back. If they perform they are always welcome.  Our employee relationships are one of our most valuable assets.

Forging Our Own Path

Traditional firms call on their supply chain consultants to play very defined roles – to master and repeat under the banner of best practices. At Gibson, our firm calls for inquisitive, independent thinkers to broaden their knowledge and skills through continuous learning and live field experience. Our founder left the security of the biggest consulting firm in the world at the time, because he believed he could build a better way. We believe he was right!

Our firm can grow and prosper only when our team members grow as people and professionals. We challenge them to take charge of our shared effort to bring out their best. This starts with pursuing a passion and finding a way to leverage it within our organization. By playing a variety of roles and rotating among teams and clients, we accelerate development and build a versatile team that’s positioned for success.

It takes an adventurous spirit to forego the safety and familiarity of the charted course. Our way is to provide guidance, training, and opportunity – and to let you find your own way, while most importantly helping our clients find theirs.

  • The best way to predict your future is to create it

    Abe Lincoln

The Gibson Difference


Health plans, 401K, health and wellness allowance and more


Immersive real-world international business experience level


Regular company outings, as well as client relationship and team building


Rewards for growth and success regardless of fiscal calendar or experience


Continuous on-the-job learning to sharpen and develop skills


Five years worth of experience in one year at Gibson


Entrepreneurial environment unbound by red tape – the best idea wins


Constantly growing our business with team members stepping up to lead

How We Do It

At Gibson, we’re committed to one another’s success. We put new consultants in close contact with senior executives and partners from the onset. This allows new talent to quickly transcend diagnosing problems to actually delivering and implementing solutions. No one here will ask you to only run data; we’ll challenge you to make it actionable.

Our team members receive ongoing training and meaningful experience alongside seasoned professionals, including our partner group, who are always ready to roll up their sleeves and serve. This approach builds strong personal relationships while cultivating the breadth of skills and depth of knowledge to cross-functionally support all the industries we serve.

We recognize achievement with promotions based on readiness, not age, tenure on where we stand in the fiscal year. As soon as you’ve prepared people to assume your role, it’s your time to level up. This cycle of improvement drives the rapid growth and evolution of our organization, which is necessary to serve our clients at the highest level.

We also understand that valuable experiences lie outside our organization, which is why we encourage our consultants to fight stagnation by exploring other waters. We’ll be here to welcome them back if and when they return. We’re proud to say they usually do!

The Best Ideas Win

It’s not the origin of the idea that matters here, but the merit of the idea itself. This invites experimentation and widespread participation in the decision-making process. Original, independent thought comes with the freedom to fail, and those failures ultimately drive improvement.

Our success measures for projects go beyond the savings and growth we deliver. The customer experience must be personal, engaging, and positive as well. When our consultants are invested in their ideas and strategies, we make the essential connections that lead to lasting relationships with our clients, which has been critical to Gibson’s lasting success.

Not Just Balance, But Fulfillment

Work-life “balance” implies an unnecessary separation. For us, the idea of a work-life blend invites fun into the field and leads to an experience where the two are intertwined. Team outings, firm events, and allocated resources for entertainment with every project serve as release valves to keep things fresh and build relationships along the way.

To take care of our team, we offer a top-quartile compensation package with a few benefits that go above and beyond. By alleviating the anxiety of making ends meet – both day to day and into the future – our consultants are free to grow and prosper both personally and professionally.

We also take a light approach to admin. By resisting the tethers of bureaucracy, we remain agile efficient, thoughtful, and in touch with our humanity. If we have an official company policy, it’s refreshingly simple: Do the right thing. If you’re ever not sure what that is, we offer this tried-and-true remedy: Just ask!

  • The only way to do great work is to do what you love. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking

    Steve Jobs

Rewards of the Work

Working closely with CEOs for decades has revealed some common themes. These are people who care deeply about who they serve and the missions they share. Their hunger for improvement, honest answers, and trusted advisors paves the way for intensely satisfying relationships as we nurture the growth they desire.

All In The Family

Our efforts have a profound impact on people’s lives. When we uncover savings and opportunities for growth, we’re ultimately inviting people back to work and enabling them to thrive. Saving jobs, training people, and showing companies across the free-enterprise world how to win brings hope and inspiration to our clients. Rallying around values like these goes beyond creating a team environment. We more closely resemble a family or tribe, where each member’s unique ideas and contributions are not just accepted, but embraced.

Are You In?

If this approach to work and life sounds like a fit for you, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you. Submit your qualifications and an introduction letter describing why you’re right for Gibson and, most importantly, why Gibson is right for you.

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