Gibson Consulting: Powering Supply Chain Transformation for Success.

Struggling to Cut Procurement Costs Without Sacrificing Quality?

At Gibson Consulting, we specialize in Strategic Sourcing strategies that help you reduce procurement costs while maintaining product quality and supplier relationships.

Reduce Costs Today

Is Your Supply Chain Efficiency Costing You Time and Money?

Our Transportation and Logistics solutions are designed to streamline your supply chain, ensuring on-time deliveries and cost savings.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Are You Missing Out on Data-Driven Insights to Optimize Your Supply Chain?

Unlock the power of Supply Chain Data Analytics with Gibson Consulting to make informed decisions and drive efficiency.

Harness Data Insights


290 Years
of combined partner experience
25 Years
of experience as a firm
$ 0 Billion +
Saved for our 
clients globally
18- 19 %
average client savings over the last 25 years
50- 100 %
typical client EBITDA impact from strategic sourcing projects

Unlocking Global Success
through Supply Chain Expertise

For over 30 years, Gibson Consulting has been at the forefront of supply chain consulting, specializing in three core areas that drive business excellence:

Strategic Sourcing Mastery: With extensive experience in procurement and sourcing strategies, we help our clients optimize their supplier relationships, reduce costs, and elevate product quality.

Logistics Excellence: Our logistics and transportation solutions ensure seamless supply chain operations, on-time deliveries, and significant cost savings.

Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging the power of data analytics, we empower supply chain transformation, make informed decisions, boost efficiency, and drive growth.

Success with Gibson Consulting:
We help clients overcome common obstacles through our experience, data, and facts. Factors such as:

  1. Tooling considerations (transfer tooling vs. new tooling vs. dual-tooling)
  2. Logistics Network Optimization
  3. Cost to onboard and approve new suppliers
  4. Undocumented specifications or supplier owned drawings (black magic)
  5. New Product Introduction and Rapid Prototyping
  6. Validation and testing
  7. Manufacturing location (Greenfield, Brownfield, JV, Maquiladora, Vertical Integration, etc.)
  8. Bill of Material Management and Localization
  9. Service Part Management
  10. Low volume, high mix product tail analysis

At Gibson Consulting, we work with and help educate our clients to make informed, fact-based decisions to drive supply chain transformation success

Gibson Consulting: Your Partner in Supply Chain Transformation

At Gibson Consulting, we specialize in working side-by-side with our clients, as if we are officially part of their team to solve their most pressing supply chain challenges and concerns, and achieve their goals.

These may include Manufacturing Migration, Supply Chain Diversification, EBITDA improvement, Global Strategic Sourcing, Skill-Based Training and Tool Development for self-sufficiency and sustainability, Sourcing Master Data Management, Network Optimization, and many others.

With our expertise, process driven approaches, training, tools, and broad global industry experience we can help optimize your supply chain to become best-in-class.

Our Proven Methodology:
Delivering Tangible Financial Savings

At Gibson Consulting, we gauge success by the real, sustainable financial savings we achieve. Our team has meticulously profiled over 500,000 suppliers, conducted more than 1,000 executive training sessions, and navigated clients through 5,000+ supplier negotiations.

We’re not just consultants; we’re your partners in driving impactful results for your business’s bottom line.

We empower success through strategy, logistics and data excellence.

Today, many global OEMs and multinational consumer product corporations are reshaping their procurement strategies. They’re establishing manufacturing operations in North America to reduce supply chain risks and enhance proximity to end-users.

In this era of unprecedented Supply Chain Migration, the question arises: How can you seize the opportunity?

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