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We understand the significant challenges and impacts of globalization, and our firm is positioned to best support our clients in the field with our comittment to a global approach and perspective.

Chicago Headquarters

One of the world’s top 10 Global Financial Centers, Chicago is situated at a bustling intersection of business and finance. Gibson Consulting strategically established our headquarters here 40 years ago, and we have since tapped into its capital markets, industries, telecommunications, infrastructure, andinternational cultural and information resources to become a world leader in operational consulting. Chicago has given Gibson Consulting the opportunity to cultivate professionals with a rare breadth and depth of industry experience.

Gibson Consulting Group, LLC
Chicago Headquarters

150 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 2800
Chicago, IL 60601
+1 (312) 291-4640

Tampa, Florida, USA

The 7th largest port in the United States and home to headquarters of several Fortune 1000 companies, Tampa has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past three decades. Gibson Consulting established a regional office in Tampa to capitalize on the upsurge in high-end market demand in this thriving metropolis. Our Tampa office has given Gibson an invaluable up-close look at transportation and logistics across many industries, along with the opportunity to serve the rapidly expanding Southeastern U.S. Not to mention we don’t mind having a nice place to visit during the long Chicago winters.

Tampa Office

3001 North Rocky Point Drive East
Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33607


London is home to over 20% of Europe’s largest companies and offers strengths in commerce, finance, media, transport, and professional services. Gibson Consulting knows that globalization is vital in today’s world, and our philosophy of working side-by-side with clients makes London an ideal business hub for our international division. From our London office, Gibson’s international staff has helped expand our clients’ global reach, resulting in substantial savings and advantageous positioning in the global marketplace.

London Office

2nd Floor
Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square


Shanghai is a nexus for International Global Sourcing organizations. For the past 20 years, Gibson Consulting has worked extensively in China to bring Best Cost Country Sourcing to our clients in thousands of categories across numerous and diverse industries. From this local vantage point, we have helped set up dozens of Asian Procurement Office (A.P.O.) sourcing organizations for our clients, delivering hundreds of millions in savings to their bottom lines. Our Shanghai office is fully staffed with experienced people thoroughly versed in local customs, practices, and regulations – all ready to meed your business’s unique needs.

Shanghai, China Office

Jin Mao Tower
88 Shi Ji Avenue
31st Floor
Shanghai, 200120, PR China

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