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Our Supply Chain Improvement Process

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Strategy For Better Procurement Efficiency

The path to prosperity starts with our 11-step phase-gate process. From our initial high-level assessment, to aligning our strategies, on through to execution, Gibson is with you each step of the way. We measure success in actual dollars saved along with our clients’ satisfaction, and we believe our phase-gate process is the clearest path to drive your desired outcomes.

“Companies can call lots of folks for strategy work. When they seek execution quality that translates to real savings, they come to us.”
Wes Gibson, Gibson Consulting Founder & Managing Partner

A Method For Assessing Your Supply Chain

Although we’ve worked on thousands of spend categories across a multitude of industries around the world, our expertise lies in process, not in any specific industry or category. No single industry is a bastion of best practices in Global Sourcing, which is why we have been successful in leveraging our 40 years of cross-industry supply chain experience to the benefit of our clients, whatever the nature of their business. Whatever the sourcing challenge, the industry or the category it always comes back to our methodology, this is what drives consistent success time after time for our clients’ procurement requirement. In our world process pays.

“Gibson Consulting’s 11 Gate Process has proven itself time and again – delivering significant savings, operational improvements, cross-functional collaboration, and long-term self-sufficiency – regardless of spend category, commodity group, or geography.”

Jim Keller, Gibson Consulting Partner

A future of self-sufficient Procurment improvement

Our clients want to create and sustain their own strategic sourcing operations in the longterm, which is why roughly 90% of our work focuses on post-benchmarking implementation. With our fire-tested methodology, training, tools, and techniques, our clients are empowering and enabling their personnel to apply our methods for the long haul. The result is sustained future success as they watch bottom-line results rise proportionally in their favor.

From process to performance

Many companies are convinced that the right combination of people and organizational structure holds the answers to world-class sourcing performance. We agree that organizational design is essential to world-class procurement. However, without a clear strategy, a defined and detailed sourcing process, skills-based training, and the right technology and tools, people and org charts alone cannot achieve optimal results. The strategy is much more precise. World-class supply chain organizations consistently demonstrate four elements: a clear strategy, the best-trained people, operational excellence, and optimized systems and technology. This is what our process consistently delivers. Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have achieved.

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Success Metrics

Gibson defines success as actual, sustainable financial results. These savings are measured by the bottom-line impact in terms of COGS reduction (direct materials), SG&A (indirect materials), and/or margin improvement. Our clients measure the results themselves to eliminate any confusion on actual, realized results. The magnitude of savings is directly related to the execution quality of our 11 Gate Process, and the sustainability of savings is directly related to our clients’ training absorption and process adoption into their purchasing philosophy.

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

St. Francis of Assisi

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