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Manufacturing Consultanting Service To Improve Bottom Line

Every successful player manufacturing consultant looks to improve the bottom line by decreasing costs, production time, and waste. That’s why the majority of our supply chain consulting clients have a variety of Lean Manufacturing practices in place at the onset of our relationship. We add value by evaluating and optimizing these practices while focusing on production efficiency in the actual manufacturing process, which can include upgrading and redesigning production line. Our initiatives are centered on these principles:

  • Focusing on value
  • Eliminating waste (Muda)
  • Enhancing product flow
  • Building only what the customer needs
  • Striving to deliver quality execution

4 keys to manufacturing success – maximizing efficiency across the org chart

Gibson applies Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking concepts far beyond the production line. We invest all levels of the organization in the manufacturing process – from the plant floor workforce to mid-level management to the C-suite – to ensure full-scale buy-in. Before implementing any Lean Production changes, we align around four key elements to success:

  • Top management commitment
  • Analysis tools to support lean production and problem-solving
  • Training and education at all levels with skill-based training
  • Rigorous, structured, well-defined methodology
  • Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things

    Peter Drucker

If you’re not the best at making it, who is?

To boost profitability, we identify the areas in which our clients truly excel. Then we ask tough questions. Are you the best in the world at making whatever it is you’re making? If the answer is no, you could leave more profitable margins on the table. We can help you be the best and establish a process of continuous improvement to maintain that standing.

Our clients have seen significant returns using our holistic approach to manufacturing:

  • Inventory reductions between 50-90%
  • Increases in productivity up to 45%
  • Floor space reductions of up to 50%
  • Reductions in scrap and rework of up to 90%
  • Lead-time reductions from order entry to delivery from weeks to days
  • Changeover reductions from hours to minutes
  • Build to order vs. build to forecast

At Gibson, we look beyond Lean to unlock new manufacturing methods, processes, and production efficiencies that will propel your business ever closer to excellence in performance and earnings.

Get Starting on Your Manufacturing Improvements

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Adaptive Manufacturing Process

As we have seen in the past 10 years or more, global resources are dynamic. From the supply chain for raw materials to labor to technology, manufacturers may be barraged with sudden changes. Unless the manufacturing process is adaptable to change in real-time, standard output is at risk.

We work with our clients to balance the virtues of Just-in-Time production and flexibility. Through the evaluation of historical data and current trends, we assess the risk and incorporate mitigations to ensure the continuity of production efficiency and product quality.