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Skills-Based Training

Driving Sustainability

Proactive, ongoing training that sets higher standards, instills confidence and drives results.

Once your team members have learned the playbook of best practices and applied it in the field, they’re free to continue implementing improvement projects independently with full knowledge and confidence. This is where Gibson greatly differs from our competitors. We don’t see Training as a threat. Instead, we believe it is a huge advantage and competitive weapon for the ongoing success of our clients.

Cutting back on training limits future returns

Skills-based training is Gibson Consulting’s most clearly defined competitive advantage. It’s an endeavor that demands know-how, time, and capital. Due to the depth of this commitment many of our competitors have chosen to cut back on training or eliminate it altogether. We still do it because we know it works and have witnessed the results. Where many companies dedicate just 8-16 hours of skills training per year, we conduct 140 hours per year – with real case studies and actual data – as a norm. This is in addition to the real-world experience your teams receive working alongside our consultants, who spend 80-90% of their time in the field, providing support for administrative and day-to-day tasks as they transfer their knowledge and experience every step of the way in making changes happen.

We benchmark against the best

As we train, we’ll benchmark against the world’s best, setting new standards for suppliers, customers, carriers or operations, and raising your team’s expectations for their own performance. By matching the highest levels of skills in the marketplace, you can level the playing field, or even tilt it in your favor.

  • An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

    Benjamin Franklin
  • Change is the end result of all true learning

    Leo Buscaglia
  • Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime


Effective training starts with trust

Gibson Consulting believes that exceptional businesses are built on relationships. The more transparent we are with our process, the more your employees appreciate and understand the rationale behind our decisions, which builds consensus, continuity, and repeatability. This is powerful because, ultimately, your suppliers and customers want to build relationships with your company and your people, not with your consultants. Simply put, we will eventually train ourselves out of a job.

This is one of the reasons that 90 percent, across all of our clients, opt for skills-based training. They also choose Gibson for our world-class Skills-Based training curriculum, which delivers lasting change by teaching them to identify, qualify, and select suppliers to create partnerships that best fit their needs – all while making measurable impacts on bottom-line costs and productivity.

Pine Manor Executive Retreat & Training Facility

Also, not to brag, but our training facility isn’t too shabby either. Gibson is so dedicated to our clients training success we have invested our firm’s resources into what most consider a world class training facility. The Pine Manor estates will not only provide every enmity your team could imagine, but also allow for an isolated focused learning environment for your team to thrive, grow and bond together. They will leave more knowledgeable and stronger as team.

Let’s do this

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