Our Gibson Consulting team engaged in a week-long training course at Pine Manor Estates.

Spring is truly the season of renewal. After a cold, harsh winter, nothing lifts our spirits like seeing early spring flowers popping up around us, birds chirping and the grass starting to green. Our whole perspective shifts as the weather warms and days get longer. The same perspective shift occurs with the continuation for our professional skill sets. And what better time to grow those skills—than spring at the beautiful Pine Manor Estates.

Last week a team of our associates got together to do just that, grow, get to know each other better as a team and use a “Practice Field” approach to test those skills in a practical business environment.

The consulting industry is not easy. It demands individuals who are continuous learners, and who are willing to grow their skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis throughout their career. At Gibson Consulting, we believe that being “CEOs in Training” means spending dedicated time, internally, to grow the necessary skills that are required to advance and grow in the corporate world. This spring (2023), our Gibson Consulting team engaged in a week-long training course on Executive Communication Skills and Executive Reviews that focused on specific topics including: public speaking, handling difficult questions, building world-class presentations and lastly, providing updates on projects to executive level clients.

Specifically, our consultants utilized our “Practice Field Concept” training process that focuses on three key items:

  • learning the topic and skill in-detail
  • demonstrating and executing the skill (role plays and presentations)
  • executing that skill in the field with our existing projects

During this week long training, our consultants spent time at Gibson’s dedicated training facility in beautiful Southern Illinois at Pine Manor Estates. Beyond enhancing critical skills, our team got to know their colleagues on a personal level and even managed to have a little fun! Now, the team is more excited than ever to put their skills back into play in serving our clients in the field.

At Gibson we’re proud to put our values into practice by investing in our team members with internal skill-based training to enhance their skills—and more importantly their careers.

Michael Gibson

Michael A Gibson
Training Manager
Gibson Consulting

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