As Artificial Intelligence is integrated with virtually all industries, staying on top of the advancement in Supply Chain can be challenging. A few recent articles gives some insight into the current state of AI in Supply Chain & Procurement.

AI In the Supply Chain Process

This Supply Chain Management Review article sheds light on AI in real-time decision making. The article touches on optimizing inventory, forecasting, risk assessment, route planning and more. They also cover some real-world examples of Procurement AI at work.

Integrating AI in ERPs

Integrating AI to ERPs is a logical step in providing procurement departments with access to Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is integrating AI into various components of its system.

Roadblocks To Ai & Supply Chain

As with any new technology, organization’s can face many challenges to adoption. When planning the roadtrip of AI adoption being aware of the obstacles will improve the success of transitioning to the world if Supply Chain Management & AI.

Keeping up on the state of AI will help when your organization is ready to implement artificial intelligence. Along the path to adopting AI, there will be starts and stops. When ready to commit to supply chain transformation, engaging a consulting firm with experience in the process will accelerate your success.

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