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A proven partner for private equity

Throughout 40 years of consulting, Private Equity has emerged as the only practice area Gibson serves with an industry focused practice. Why industry agnostic everywhere else and industry focus in PE? It just makes good sense, and great savings. With its emphasis on buying and improving companies, private equity is a natural fit and aligns seamlessly with our core practice lines – Supply Chain & Procurement, Logistics & Transportation, Manufacturing Efficiency, and Sales & Marketing. These are the biggest-impact opportunities for reducing costs and increasing revenue – and the very work private equity firms are most eager to tackle in order to move the needle fast on the balance sheet.

Delivering results for top private equity firms

A significant number of Gibson’s partners come from private equity backgrounds, as do many of our clients. We have lived it and loved it for most of our careers. In fact, we’ve proudly served 25 of the top 50 private equity firms in North America, and 12 of the top 25 in Europe. And for good reason. Our services offer the best value equation in the field – second only to the discount of the original purchase.

Enabling your autonomy

By partnering with Gibson for expertise and implementation assistance as needed – whether for specific projects or across their portfolios – private equity firms can avoid centralization and remain independent. Because private equity firms are experienced and financially sophisticated, consulting services can be a hard sell internally. That’s why we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with private equity customers who continue to reach out to us to solve their most complex cost puzzles – a sign of earned trust and convincing returns on their investment.

Long-term results, not quick fixes

We know that time is of the essence when buying and selling companies. Our process is at its best with an average run time of 12-18 months. We’re not here to oversee a quick-fix dress-up for sale, but rather to identify a clear strategic course of action that we can implement alongside our clients. Only through real, hard work and immersive knowledge share can we generate repeatable results.

Where it begins

Our process first addresses indirect costs – everything from telecom to car leases to the maintenance of office supplies, furniture, and computers. By centrally coordinating these, we give your firm valuable buying leverage across your holdings, which generates a modest but substantial return. We then delve into the individual select holdings that are the biggest and most problematic, which is where the returns get significant – in many cases doubling bottom-line profits.

Mutually beneficial relationships

Building long-term relationships with our private equity clients starts with finding cost savings in manufacturing and distribution. Our track record here is unparalleled, and when private equity firms see success in these areas, they’re quick to recognize how valuable our service can be across multiple aspects of their businesses.

Passion for the private equity industry

Gibson’s specialties are Supply Chain & Procurement, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing Efficiency, and Sales & Marketing. When we pair these practice lines with decades of experience invested in understanding the unique needs of private equity firms, our Private Equity practice becomes a niche offering that very few firms – if any – can match. Perhaps that’s why nearly half of the world’s top private equity companies have invited us to sit at the table with them and help solve their biggest challenges.

These are the relationships we’re most passionate about, because the potential for savings and generating growth across multiple holdings compounds the opportunity. At Gibson our biggest measure of success is the satisfaction of our clients, and we have been able to make our friends in private equity smile quite a bit over the course of 40 years. Our process is proven again and again in private equity, put us to the test.

Let’s do this

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