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              Skill Based Training

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Initiatives, Globalization
              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Results, Categories

              At Gibson Consulting, we believe that with only the highest level of training can our professionals provide the level of service and the results we guarantee our clients. We invest heavily in those who serve you.

              Training is mission critical to absorb and perpetuate ongoing supply chain success. Gibson provides a broad range of Skill Based training and customized performance interventions.

              Our Training is:

              • Skill based
              • Activity focused
              • Provides application tools
              • Supported by follow-on coaching
              • Flexible delivery (modules)
              • World class training facilities
              • Executive-experienced instructors
              • Real case study driven
              • Video-taped feedback

              "I just wanted to thank you, Gibson Consulting, for allowing us to spend the most mind boggling, thought provoking and eye opening sessions I've ever experienced."

              - National Sales Director, Global Automotive Company

              Objective: Customize a training program to enhance skill-sets throughout the organization

              Key Activities:

              • Roll out Training during the project
              • Integration of training concepts into current policies and procedures


              • Hands-on training in key purchasing skills
              • Standardization of purchasing techniques across organization
              • Knowledge transfer for continuation of strategic sourcing process

              Strategic Sourcing Curriculum

              The Strategic Sourcing program has been carefully designed to engage and involve cross-functional teams in business process improvements. These courses work to support the strategic sourcing process while raising the expectations of participants and their teams with a strong focus on quality execution, best practice development, and leadership.

            • Management Skills Curriculum

              Our Management curriculum was born from client requests to assess and develop the skills of their administrative teams. This comprehensive group of courses works individually and collectively to examine and strengthen the personal and business skills required of personnel to be most effective within their firms.

            • "Take the training, it's world class!"

              - Chief Procurement Officer, Fortune 500 Office Products Company

              Who will benefit most from Gibson Training?
              Anyone will benefit from attending a Gibson Training Course. Specifically, personnel in Supply Chain (Purchasing, Logistics, etc.), Finance, Operations, Sales, Engineering and Information Technology.

              The benefits to your organization of world-class Skill Based Training:

              • Provides a common language, processes and methodologies to ensure success
              • Engages and involves cross-functional teams in business process improvements
              • Provides a valuable arms-length tool by which to assess the real skills and development needs of your personnel
              • Raises the expectations of your personnel for both themselves and the business supply chain operations
              • An excellent team building experience for employees and management
              • Drives home the importance and focus on quality execution
              • Refocuses organizational change from activity focus (i.e. transactional) to measurable results (i.e. strategic sourcing)
              • Personal skill growth builds commitment to organizational and business change

              Benefits of Completing Curriculum

              • Uniform, best practice and proven processes
              • Common culture across corporation
              • Industry leading skill sets
              • Leadership skills
              • Required to ensure success of sourcing projects
              • Talent recognition
              • Quality of execution
              • Personal skill growth
              • Appreciation by personnel of corporate investment in them

              Continuing Professional Education Credits
              The training professionals at Gibson Consulting will work with your individual personnel to provide CPE credits in whatever industries or professions they require credit. We will provide certificates of completion & agendas for your professional organization.

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Training, Certification, Education, Credits

              "My personal thanks for helping to shape my presentation into what I would consider quite possibly my best piece of work in this area."

              - VP Sales, Heavy Equipment Company

              Strategic Sourcing Methodology and Training Process

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Methodology, Training Process, Course Design

              Course Design/Customization
              Our training professionals have considerable experience in needs assessment, curriculum design, training delivery and management to fully meet all our personnel skill building requirements. Based on your needs our professional training staff will work with you to customize our existing training or develop new courses. We will also develop Train-The-Trainer programs to ensure that your customized training is taught by practicing professionals.

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              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Performance, Reflection, Growth, Development, Practice, Training

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