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Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, ROI, Investment, Globalization

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              Global Stratgic Sourcing

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, Savings
              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Results, Categories

              For most companies, strategic sourcing is an opportunity to achieve significant reduction in operating costs.

              Why Strategic Sourcing?

              • Leverage the supplier base to improve the operating performance of your company or agency
              • Obtain global market benchmark intelligence
              • Annualized, quantifiable cash savings
              • Reduce ongoing hidden operational costs
              • Achieve year-to-year cost reduction
              • Total cost management approach focused
              • Assist in all aspects of Implementation
              • Guaranteed results for clients

              General Themes

              • Less than 25% of the companies surveyed can’t even locate supplier contracts, let alone monitor and manage contract performance
              • Procurement strategies are often not aligned with financial and business initiatives
              • Procurement continues to lag other functions in the utilization of automation and analysis tools
              • Most companies have applied a strategic sourcing process to less than half of their overall spending
              • Approximately 70% of the companies continue to make purchasing decisions at the divisional or site levels
              • Nearly 33% of purchases are off-contract (i.e.) maverick buys
              • Domain expertise is limited to most strategic or high-dollar spend categories
              • Only a few companies have standardized sourcing or procurement processes
              • Clear visibility into total enterprise spending is not available
              • Detailed management reporting and monitoring is difficult or non-existent

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Savings, Global, Marketplace, Cost Reduction

              Over 90% of the Fortune 1000 companies have undergone some type of strategic supply chain initiative. Gibson Consulting has worked hand-in-hand with many of them on such initiatives. Past clients across a diverse collection of industries and countries have ranged from $25 Million to $10 Billion in sales. To create savings, we use a proven purchasing methodology focused on leveraging intelligence from the global marketplace and implementing agreements with world-class suppliers.

              Client ROI’s have ranged from 300% to over 1000% on their engagements with Gibson Consulting. Their professionals have analyzed over 2,000 purchase categories which has led to a total of over $10 Billion in savings for past clients. Over 20,000 potential suppliers have been profiled around the world, providing Gibson Consulting clients with access to enormous benchmarking data.

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Business Transformation, Process

              In all cases, Gibson Consulting’s Strategic Sourcing initiatives were merely a platform for additional cost savings at these companies. Gibson Consulting professionals have conducted over 1,000 client training sessions to ensure best practices in strategic sourcing are transferred to clients and their purchasing teams creating ongoing cost improvements during the resulting alliances.

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Implementation, Training, Process

              Gibson Consulting Group, LLC specifically focuses on the following Sourcing Services and have provided these services for hundreds of similar clients:

              • Global Sourcing & Best Cost Country Sourcing
              • Sourcing & Skill Based Training
              • Global A.P.O Design & Set-up
              • Sourcing High level Diagnostic Reviews
              • Sourcing Benchmarking
              • Global Direct & Indirect Category Sourcing
              • Global Negotiations
              • Supplier Audits & Due Diligence
              • Post-Merger Integration for Sourcing
              • Manufacturing Migration
              • Category Outsourcing & Management
              • Sourcing Strategic Reviews
              • Sourcing Organizational Reviews
              • Category Supplier Presentations
              • Full Implementation with guarantees for Strategic Sourcing Services
              • Patented: D.E.E.P (Data Extraction and Evaluation Process) tool for spend classification software tool implementation
              • Supplier Spend Analysis
              • Supplier Spend Classification
              • Supplier Spend Software Tools Solutions
              • Supplier/Sourcing I.T. Infrastructure Improvement – Implementation tools
              • Customize E-Sourcing Tools Development
              • Supplier E-Auctions for Indirects

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              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Business Vision, Resources, Competitive Advantage

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              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting