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              Sourcing IT Infrastructure

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Results, Categories
              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Low Cost Country, Resources

              Your data is trying to tell you something, is your business built
              to hear it?

              Enterprise Supply Management Process
              Electronic Tools

              An eSourcing platform is a web-based application that automates the processes of a sourcing event (Reverse Auction, RFQ/RFI)

              • Supplier database / Supplier network
              • eSourcing event management
              • Savings analysis
              • Some eSourcing suites may also provide ePurchasing functions

              Contract Management (CLM)
              Contract management gives the ability to realize negotiated savings and maximum value from their contracts through real-time monitoring and tracking of contract compliance and utilization across the contract lifecycle. It also allows clients to consistently score suppliers in a centralized way.

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Contract Lifecycle Management, Process, Spend Analysis, Contract Compliance, Management Reporting, eSourcing

              A typical Fortune 1000 Company cannot locate over 10% of its 20,000 – 40,000 active contracts at any given time. Specific benefits include standard contract templates, organization-wide visibility, status and metric tracking, maverick speed control, compliance, internal controls (SOX), and a competitive advantage.

              Spend Analysis
              Spend Analysis is the process of collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing expenditure data with the purpose of reducing procurement costs, improving efficiency and monitoring compliance.

              Optimizing Spend Data Analysis for Cost-down Opportunities

              • Find new savings opportunities that “lay in the weeds” of organizational spend data
              • Build the right information foundation to drive your sourcing and procurement initiatives to maximize your savings
              • Get to analysis faster (data is generally the bottleneck)
              • Classify data to procurement-specific standard (e.g. UNSPSC)
              • Have a true vendor master to provide an accurate picture into spending and supplier relationships
              • Handle the entire cleansing and classification process to achieve 90+% (ideally 95%-98%+) or greater accuracy quickly
              • Adapt a cleansing and classification process to own business processes and methodologies
              • Need a global solution (translations available)
              • Need to examine disparate sets and sources of data (e.g., inbound freight, A/P, PO’s, Pcards, Expenses, etc.)
              • Need solutions designed to support modern economics
              • Need to incorporate other source system data

              Spend Analysis Challenges:

              • Prioritize and implement cost cutting programs faster than before
              • Spending data is often not up-to-date, incomplete or too high-level
              • Many organizations have underinvested in the means to get at the data driving their decisions and actions
              • Companies are sub-optimizing current providers programs and results
                • Local vs. Global optimization
              • Some organizations are confusing data enrichment with cleansing and classification
              • The solution classification (i.e., 80% data accuracy) may be misleading
                • 50,000 suppliers with less than 100,000 USD of spend
              • Temptation to expand the scope of spend visibility (more fields) with the risk of becoming incomplete and inaccurate

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Management, Electronic Tools, Spend Analysis, Transparency, Flexibility, Value

              Spend Analysis Key Advantages:

              • New Capabilities and Standards for Spend Data Cleansing, Classification, and Reporting.
              • Transparency and control of the entire data management process
              • Flexibility with the classification of several data sources and formats
              • Speed of execution (days or weeks versus months or years with previous approaches)
              • Value – Organizations should expect new (and lower) cost standards for affordable classification solutions
              • Success in the classification coverage (> 95%) and accuracy
              • Outcomes should be broader and easier to implement
              • Global answers even without regional/cultural understanding or multilingual capabilities
              • User Flexibility with the ability to analyze data through its own analytical toolset

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