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              Sourcing IT Infrastructure

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Results, Categories
              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Initiatives, Globalization

              Your data is trying to tell you something, is your business built
              to hear it?

              At Gibson Consulting, we realize that in order for any business to turn their mountain of data into usable information, the organization must first understand its data and then understand the information needed to effectively and efficiently run its operations.

              Gibson Consulting partners with companies to help them evaluate the data captured in their IT systems and utilize it for effective reporting and business intelligence.

              Through the completion of focused surveys and on-site process workshops with key Business and Technology professionals, we help organizations determine their information needs and infrastructure weaknesses. These workshops involve professionals from the Finance, Operations, Procurement, and IT areas and target an in-depth analysis of current Business and Technology processes. This cross-functional dialogue allows us to capture a clear and comprehensive picture of both business and technology that is critical in the information needs identification process.

              Our in-depth knowledge of business process enabling systems and best-of-breed procurement packages allows us to help our clients in selecting and implementing the suite of tools that achieve their overall business objectives. Our most successful clients generally implement a combination of Spend Analysis, eSourcing, eProcurement, and Contract Lifecycle Management tools as part of their Infrastructure Improvement project.

              Only quality data provides meaningful business insight. Spend data classification is essential in gaining the visibility and intelligence across the organization. Our approach to data classification allows our clients to achieve over 95% classification of spend data in a relatively short period of time.

              Supply Chain Information Management Software Tools

              • These software will work and interface with virtually all known systems
              • Examples of major software worth considering:
                • Procuri (Acquired True Source spend management October 2006)
                • Ariba (Acquired Free-Markets January 2004 and Softface in April 2004)
                • Emptoris (Acquired Intigma spend management June 2005)
                • Vertical Net (Acquired Tigris spend management in 2003)
                • SAP E-Sourcing (Acquired Frictionless Commerce May 2006)
                • Perfect Commerce (Acquired Commerce One February 2006)
                • IBM (Express Spend Management)
                • Consona (Made2Manage, Supply Works)

              Costs of Supply Chain Software Tools:

              • These software packages range from $200K to $2MM+
              • Today they can be purchased or used by:
                • Individual per person user fee (hosted outside)
                • Individual per person user fee (hosted in-house)
                • Rented by project
                • Lease with purchase option
                • Purchased and financed
                • Rented only
                • Global license
                • Limited usage license
              • Costs can be passed back through to suppliers as a percentage of spend by category or negotiated individually by supplier and recoup cost over number of years of supplier agreements
              • Fully paid by suppliers (avg. after 2 years)

              Major Benefits:

              • Extremely cost effective
              • World-class software only available to world’s largest corporations 5 to 7 years ago
              • Greatly speeds up process implementation
              • Significantly reduces burden on many users to learn sophisticated software skills (i.e. Access, SQL, etc.)
              • Global standardizes company to common processes
              • Allows for global information sharing in standardized formats → for sourcing
              • Most companies are able to pass back costs to suppliers / so ultimately $0 impact potential
              • Greatly increases Executive Management ability to measure sourcing processes, success, savings, and supplier performance
              • Increases suppliers’ ability to communicate with company more effectively

              The Strategic Sourcing Infrastructure and Improvement Project will help any client achieve Sustainability, Repeatability, and Independence.

              Data (Spend & Categories)
              Data is the cornerstone by which Gibson conducts all sourcing projects. During the diagnostic, we benchmark current classification systems, data management tool, performance tracking, and reporting.

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