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              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Initiatives, Globalization
              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Organizational Design and Development, Process

              It’s not just about getting the business; it’s about getting the right business, at the right amount and at the right price. It’s about being a smart competitor and capturing the business that fits your strategy.

              • Are 20% of your customers driving 80% of your profits? What 'share of wallet' do you have with that 20%?
              • Where should you focus your efforts? Which accounts and which segments?
              • How satisfied are your customers, really? Is there a real difference between a customer who is 90% satisfied and one who is 95% satisfied?
              • What do customers really care about? Am I over-delivering or under-delivering?

              Driving cost out of your supply chain has a real impact when it can be maximized by the sales process and strategy. Now the supply chain work flows upstream to the front-end of the process – sales. You want to be more competitive in the RFP process.

              World-class training, laser-focused on your strategy and your key accounts builds skills that get results. Best practice processes around account management and sales process target effectiveness. Data analysis in conjunction with deep dives into your numbers, as well as your competitor’s, drives increased profitability.

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              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Goals, Success, Ambition

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              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting