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              Management Skills Curriculum

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Results, Categories
              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Careers

              Our Management curriculum was born from client requests to assess and develop the skills of their administrative teams. This comprehensive group of courses works individually and collectively to examine and strengthen the personal and business skills required of personnel to be most effective within their firms.

              This course is important for all levels of personnel as it uses specialized techniques to dive into uncovering underlying causes and effects of business. It is imperative that employees can successfully navigate interviews, no matter how informal or formal, with information gathering and knowledge expansion so as to be able to make the most informed decisions.

              Meeting Facilitation
              Most effective before the commencement of a major project, this course is designed to help participants strengthen their ability to facilitate and conduct successful group meetings with emphasis on defining objectives, time management, and leadership practices.

              Delegations for Managers
              It is essential for managers to know how to direct a group of people with a multitude of tasks. The focus here is to learn commission and empower various team members with assignments while simultaneously regulating productivity.

              Business Writing
              Writing for Industry means being able to effectively and succinctly deliver your intended message. This course works with participants to target and edit their writing to achieve the greatest impact and desired results.

              Project Management
              Intended for those that will be responsible for the outcome of a project, this course teaches personnel how to manage assignments successfully developing skills and tools such as time management, cultivating effective teams, and obstacle resolution.

              Introduction to Access
              Databases provide a strong way to efficiently access and make sense of large amounts of information. This course develops the skills that are essential to the effective management and utilization of quantitative knowledge in various arenas.

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