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              Lean Manufacturing

              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Transportation, Logistics
              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Low Cost Country, Resources

              Lean Manufacturing is a business strategy that represents a whole new way of doing business.

              Lean Production {Often called: Flow, Agile, just-in-time (JIT), Continuous Flow Manufacturing (CFM)™ and Toyota Production System™ } is a customer demand-driven business strategy to improve manufacturing operations, a business strategy that represents a whole new way of doing business.

              • Focus on value
              • Eliminate waste (Muda)
              • Enhance product flow
              • Build only what the customer pulls
              • Strive to deliver perfection

              We believe there are four key elements to success when implementing Lean Production process changes

              • Top Management Commitment
              • Analysis tools to support lean production and problem solving
              • Training and education at all levels
              • Rigorous, structured, well defined methodology

              Lean Production and Lean Thinking concepts are not constrained solely to the plant floor. The specific plant floor requirements for Lean Production should be integrated into the Manufacturing Execution System. Opportunities to leverage information technology (to sustain change) should not be limited to the plant floor. Change, and the need to manage it, arises when the content of work, the enabling technology and/or organizational responsibilities are altered and to ensure buy-in, everyone in the organization receives education and training on Lean Production:

              • Manufacturing Workforce and Support personnel
              • Mid-level Management
              • Executive Management

              By integrating the Organization/People, Business Processes and Information Technology/Tools, the Lean Production Methodology overcomes the challenges of implementation.


              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Methodology, Business Strategy, Sustainability
              • Buy In (Benefits)
              • Education and Training
              • Business Process Redesign (Transformation)
              • Information Technology and Tools (Sustain)
              • llk Process analysis becomes the methodology for CI

              Successful Lean Production Transformations follow a ‘maturity path’ that builds from the factory foundation up.

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              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Planning, Methodology

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              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting