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Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting
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Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting

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Improving Company Bottom Lines - Because Results Still Matter!

Gibson Consulting has saved clients over $10 Billion and counting in over 2,000 different categories. Our consultants have profiled more than 500,000 suppliers, conducted over 1,000 executive training sessions and led clients through 5,000+ supplier negotiations. Our cross multi-industry experience includes distribution, consumer products, process industries, private equity, OEM, industrial products, chemicals, services & government, food, healthcare, aerospace and banking & Insurance.

Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting, Client Benefits

Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting, Historic Savings, Commodity Categories

Successful Gibson Consulting projects generate bottom line results and positive operational and organizational improvements for our clients. These results make our client executives advocates for our services and our people.

Client Case Study Savings Industry
Power Tool Manufacturer $28M Consumer Products
Floor Covering Manufacturer $20M Consumer Products
European Printing Company +$15M Consumer Products
Large Engine Manufacturer $20M Industrial Products
Material Handling Manufacturer +$250M Industrial Products
Underground Mining Equipment +$105M Industrial Products
Mailing/Printing Systems Manufacturer & Distributor +$100M Consumer Products
Fortune 500 Private Equity Firm $11.2M Business Services

  • Commitment to unifying approach
    • C.E.O. Sponsorship
    • Creation of Executive Steering Committee for Organizational visibility
    • Executive & Senior Management involvement in each team
    • Early involvement of best people & primary stakeholders – focused team
    • Full participation in skill based training
    • Stay the course
  • Consistent, unified message to suppliers
    • One point of contact
    • One message
    • One negotiation
  • Early successes will prove the process
  • All credit/savings given to respective divisions
  • Set aside initially those categories/areas considered highly sensitive if need be (i.e. Global Steel)

Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting, Conference Board, Operational Savings, Benchmark

Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting, Indirects, Shared Services, Savings, Manufacturing

Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting, Direct Materials Savings, Manufacturing

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Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Courage, Majority, Ideas

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Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting