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              Project Management

              Class Size: 12-16 Participants
              Length: 2-3 Days


              The purpose of this course is to help participants manage projects successfully. This involves:

              • Applying techniques of project management.
              • Dealing successfully with the people who staff the project.
              • Balancing time, resources, and quality issues to achieve the optimum results.

              The course content is presented in lectures, instructor-led discussions, and individual and small-group exercises.


              Anyone who leads meetings of work teams, projects, or ad hoc committees will benefit from this class. People from virtually all functions and levels will benefit from this class.


              Consider this course at the start of any broad effort that requires the formation of multiple project teams, such as a reorganization effort, a new marketing approach, a quality initiative, or an alliance initiative.

              Organizations may want to consider scheduling this course anytime there are enough project leaders, whether new or experienced, available to fill a class.


              After completing this course, participants will be able to:

              • Describe the key features and critical success factors of a project.
              • Apply tools and techniques to develop teamwork.
              • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of a project team.
              • Plan and monitor progress toward outcome and intermediate goals.
              • Delegate and supervise effectively.

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              Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Leadership, Management, Process, Function

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