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              Delegations for Managers

              Class Size: 12-16 Participants
              Length: 2 Days


              This course teaches delegation skills to employees who manage several people or teams. It focuses initially on The Gibson Delegation Model, specifically:

              • The importance and benefits of delegating.
              • Motivation and empowerment.
              • Managing productivity.

              The model covers three sets of variables:

              • Responsibilities of delegator and delegated.
              • Input, process, output.
              • Key success factors – quality, cost, etc.


              The course is intended for anyone who is, or will soon be, responsible for the outcome of projects or project related activities. This includes people managing cross-functional project teams as well as project teams within a given function. Individuals who will manage ongoing activities that are similar to projects in most respects but are anticipated to be ongoing in nature, such as an alliance implementation team, will also find the course useful. All personnel levels will gain value from attending the Project Management Course.


              Consider making this course available to support any major organizational initiatives that will increase the need for greater personal and group productivity. The course is particularly useful when a group is promoted to a supervisory role.


              After completing this course, participants will be able to:

              • Describe the roles of delegator and delegatee.
              • Define empowerment and identify what motivates the people they supervise.
              • Prepare and manage the delegation process using the Gibson Delegation Model.

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