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        Our Approach

        Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Leadership, Best Practices   Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Results, Savings

        Gibson works closely with our clients' executives and cross-functional sourcing teams guiding them through each step of our 11 Gate Process.

        • Understanding Business Environment
          • Visit and interview various functional areas (example: engineering, finance, systems, purchasing, manufacturing, senior management, sales and marketing, quality, etc.) to understand the process business.
          • Distribute data requests and key questions to facilitate information gathering and analysis.
          • Potentially interview 6-10 key suppliers – these provide intelligence with respect to priorities, concerns, strategic issues and any critical performance problems.
        • Data Collection & Analysis
          • Obtain electronic data downloads for all purchasing areas included in scope of project:
            • Direct Spends – including historical A/P and P.O. SKU-level purchase detail
            • Indirect Spends - historical A/P
          • Analyze historic data to define and refine the detailed historic and current cost baselines.
          • Obtain copies of existing major supplier agreements for review and understanding of service levels, pricing, performance metrics, and scope of existing supplier agreements.
          • Construct a consolidated annual purchase database to be used as the formal baseline for all future management analyses and savings estimates.
          • Findings and Recommendations
            • Estimate cost savings and supplier service enhancement opportunities.
            • Recommendations regarding process or organizational improvements related to purchasing functions.
            • Development of an implementation plan including a prioritized list savings by category, proposed staffing/costs, and estimated timeline for the execution of the strategic sourcing methodology following the High Level Assessment.

          Our Approach

          Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing,  Our Approach, Process, Opportunity Assessment

          Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Sourcing Process

          Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Sourcing Process

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        Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Progress, Goals, Results

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        Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Gibson Consulting